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Enjoy a curated selection of the essential products to get you through the week and on budget! These tried-and tested favourites are sure to please the entire family, and includes a great selection of tasty, high quality meat and prepared products. You’ll spend less time searching, and more time feasting with your family.

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BV Meat Introduction

BV’s Premium Quality Meat started as a small butcher shop in Ringwood. Ben and Vivi value hard work, honesty, Ben grew up in Taiwan, Taiwan and worked in an Australian butcher shop.

Ben’s upbringing gave him a natural sensitivity to all kinds of meat. Stepping into this meat industry, from factory cleaning to meat packaging, knife hand, bone cutter, butcher, Ben will use the work skills he learned in Australia to experience. There are many delicious foods in Taiwan~ such as beef noodles, Taiwanese sausages , braised pork rice, Hakka bacon. . . Wait, open a Taiwanese butcher shop, inherit Taiwan’s century-old meat-eating tradition, integrate into Australian butcher shops, and begin to provide meat lovers with another choice.

Selected Beef

BV’s Meat selects high-quality mountain grazing cattle in Victoria, Australia. YG BEEF uses different pastures in different seasons, and the cattle produce different flavours. Taste Australian beef with different seasonal flavours.

Selected Pork

BV’s Meat selects high-quality export-grade sows and gilts weighing 80-95 kg, which will give you endless aftertaste.

Selected Lamb

BV’s Meat selects lamb rich in various minerals to ensure the quality of the lamb. Different pastures will have different meat flavours in each season.

Selected Chicken

The quality of BV’s Meat chicken is selected from free-range chickens, as well as the yellow-skinned chickens that Chinese people love. It has a bouncy texture, delicate flesh and an impressive taste.


BV’s Meat is built on a sound set of Australian values and foundations that align with demonstrating the trust, honesty, integrity and strong passion for quality of Taiwanese culture.

Now more than ever, Ben and Vivi are focusing on these core beliefs.

Our family owned and operated business has been at the center of change, innovation and true belief not only in the art of butchery but in the innovative needs of our amazing industry.

We always believe that the first and most enthusiastic nod is the main producer of the heart and soul of our industry.

We understand that we would be nothing without their hard work and passion for everything they do and strive to serve every day.

Bv’s Meat is now giving the public rare access to our impressive range of premium meats. This means that you and your family can now enjoy high-quality traditional Taiwanese meat products through your mobile phone or computer without going to the supermarket.

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